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The Law Offices of Sirota & Associates is experienced in handling a wide range of family-based immigration matters, including but not limited to the following: 

I-130 petitions for alien relatives, the first step in the legal
immigration process for most family members; 

I-485 adjustment of status for family members present in the US, to obtain the green card necessary to legally live and work in the United States; 

K-1 visa applications, to permit the fiancé or fiancée 
of a US citizen to enter the United States in order to marry; 

K-3 visa applications, to allow the spouse of a US citizen 
to enter the United States without a long wait; 

I-601 waivers of inadmissibility in conjunction with an application for residence for family members, for unlawful presence, criminal matters and other grounds of inadmissibility; 

I-751 removal of conditions on residence for those whose conditional residency is based on marriage to a US citizen; 

I-360 self-petitions for survivors of family violence; 

N-400 naturalization applications to obtain citizenship for legal residents, including disability waivers.

In addition to family-based immigration, our family law department specializes in the handling of family matters such as divorce, child support proceedings, alimony, marital and pre-nuptial agreements, child custody and visitation disputes, paternity actions, domestic violence and adoptions. Contact our office today for more information about how we can help you.